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Fighting for fairer access to land in NSW

"Represent the interests of prospectors and fossickers"

NAPFA welcome support from retailers and others who are helping to spread the word.

If you retail fossicking and prospecting equipment, or depend in some other way on the sector, NAPFA would like to offer you the chance to be a sponsor to the Prospectors and Fossickers of NSW and the ACT. Please download our sponsors form for further information : 

Our Sponsors

We ask NAPFA members to visit our sponsors below by clicking on their logo.

Minelab -- The major supporter to our membership and fundraising drive.

They understand the need to maintain and grow access in NSW and elsewhere as well.

Thank You !!! 

Thought about a new detector? Well the time is now, learn it well and get some practice in. Don't wait til you are in the field again!

Need a second detector, add an Equinox to the inventory. Easy, lightweight, can go in the water, discriminator.....

Keen on coin, relic or treasure hunting? Start with a Vanquish or Equinox, maybe a CTX-3030. You'll need a discriminator, so pure gold machines don't cut it. Great second detector.

Nugget Finder -- has generously assisted our fundraising efforts with coils for raffle and auction. Their products are also on retailer sites. 

How about coils? They are a consumable, they wear out, and why you find many coils that are 5+ years old sitting in the cheapies bin at prospecting shops. Get a new one, you'll be surprised at the difference. After all the cost of fuel, detectors, etc is a lot. A more stable coil with better depth makes a big difference and costs a few bucks a trip. 

Coiltek -- has generously assisted our fundraising efforts with coils for raffle and auction. Their products are also on retailer sites. 

Gold Rat -- Gold Rat Prospecting Equipment have jumped on board with sluices for our annual membership draw. 

Strange how many people do not own a simple sluice, yet visit gold fields with running water. Need a break from detecting, well put a few shovel fulls in the bucket, set up the sluice and have a cuppa while trickling it through. 

Oz Wash Sluices -- has come on board and make a range of sluices starting at small entry level versions up to high bankers. 

Australian Gold Gem & Treasure -- AGG&T have given NAPFA numerous subscriptions for our AGM auction and annual membership draw.

Now we can't go out you'll have to subscribe, and for those that don't already get it you are behind in the times. The AGG&T is a great read and keeps you up to date with what is happening, new equipment, and plenty of good advice.

CC Picks -- has assisted us with Ezy Dig picks for fundraising. A good pick for those tough holes! Craig Weeks is the brain behind this gear!  

Got a puny pick? Takes a long time to dig a hole? Time for a decent pick. A bigger pick makes the digging very easy, and CCPicks are the best with many options. Check out their stock.

DD Leather and Canvas-- Double D Leather makes quality leather and canvas products for the Metal Detecting industry. From Control Box Covers to detector covers and everything in between. 

Time for a new detector or tool bag to look after your gear, keep it neat and make things easy on your trips? Check out DD's accessories to protect your detectors and to set yourself up for your next trip. Be ready, be organised.

Coiltek Gold Centre -- has come on board to sponsor our annual membership draw. Remember to call in when your in the Golden Triangle for you prospecting needs.

Coiltek Gold Centre not only has all your prospecting needs, but they have the advice and latest tips. They also send by mail, which we need at this time.

Outdoor Press -- Doug Stone has once again donated numerous goldfields maps, and Copies of his latest book "Gold, Coin & Relic detecting" . Thes are all available from prospecting shops.

Check out Doug's maps, and great Gold Atlases and books. Thinking of coin, relic or treasure hunting? Well you'd better lean the ropes. What better to do with the lockdown but to research and learn more on where you want to go and how you will do it.

Anaconda - Five stores: Campbelltown, Moore Park, Penrith, Berkshire Park

and Fyshwick ACT are giving a 10%-member discount to NAPFA members on all items including those on sale. This includes Camping, Cycling, Clothing, Footwear, Fishing, Snow and some MINELAB metal detectors.

Aussie Detectorist - has opened a new Prospecting shop in Newcastle, NSW. They carry Minelab Metal Detectors as well as Gold Rat Sluices, Gray Ghost accessories. Check out what they have to increase your enjoyment of our fantastic hobby and prospecting gear to suit all budgets and experience levels.

Gold Panner Motor Inn - NAPFA members who make bookings in advance can get a 10% discount off standard room rates. You will need to mention your membership when doing the booking to get the discount.

They offer affordable accommodation just 10 minutes’ drive from Bathurst CBD and 10 minutes from Bathurst airport. Within close proximity to the Mount Panorama, several restaurants, the Macquarie River and associated activities like gold panning, fishing, and more.

Goldfields Motor Inn Gulgong- NAPFA members who make bookings in advance can get a standard room for $105 ( normally $122 ).

You will need to ring direct on 02 6374 4111 and mention your membership when doing the booking to get the discount. Gulgong is a great location, 3.5 hours from Sydney, 20 minutes from Mudgee, and has detecting areas very close by. There is the Henry Lawson Museum, Holtermann Museum, Goldfields Museum, Opera House, and this is the town on the Australian $10 note.